CompliRight: Tackling Employee Compliance with Ease

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Susan Drenning, President, ComplyRightSusan Drenning, President
Human resource departments face significant enforcement and compliance risks. The head of human resources is an essential partner in compliance. If a company suffers from weak compliance programs, its human resource department is sure to be a liability for the company. Businesses are fined hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars post an audit or a lawsuit when the records and practices are proved to be non-compliant with existing employment regulations.

An HR leader of an organization has significant compliance responsibilities both inside and outside its department. The role of an HR chief transcends into ensuring that the company remains compliant with labor laws and business processes. Within its department, the HR leader has to ensure compliance with: Labor act, Federal Civil Rights, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and management of compensation and benefits program. HR leaders must find strategic ways to monitor whether their companies are following processes that are compliant by a particular country’s sets of laws. “When small businesses and local nonprofit organizations thrive, so does our economy and our communities,” says Susan Drenning, President of ComplyRight. ComplyRight develops and markets practical, affordable solutions to help employers streamline administrative tasks and simplify compliance. The products and services of CompliRights are sold directly via in-house brands and through leading office supply retailers, accounting and payroll software providers, print brokers, and other B2B office product providers.

ComplyRight helps to free employers from the burden of tracking and to comply with the complex web of federal, state, and local employment laws so that a company can stay focused on managing and growing their businesses.

When small businesses and local nonprofit organizations thrive, so does our economy and our communities

The company tracks federal, state and local regulatory activities, and consults with its own in-house legal research team, which includes compliance attorneys, legal researchers, product development experts, full-service content, and creative teams. The company also has software and web application developers, sales and customer service teams, and multi-channel direct marketing professionals. The company provides expert resources and solutions to help their client comply with employee-related laws such as Employee Management, Labor Law Compliance, and tax information reporting.

CompliRight Employee Management helps companies by providing different kinds of forms, software, and cloud-based applications to help employers comply with federal and state laws. It also provides its clients with fully compliant labor law posters and timely services to take the worry out of posting compliance. Furthermore, CompliRight helps a business in its Tax Information Reporting through forms and software to complete and file 1099s W-2s, and ACA forms accurately and efficiently. CompliRight uses insights to create a practical and affordable solution that streamlines essential tasks while staying within the lines of those complex laws.

ComplyRight employs 250 plus employees in Pompano Beach, Florida. It is a subsidiary of Taylor Corporation, one of the nation’s largest privately held companies with more than 80 subsidiaries worldwide. From hiring to training, and time tracking to recordkeeping, labor law posting and tax information reporting, CompliRight’s innovative products and services address the real-world challenges, employers face every day. ComplyRight focuses on creating practical, easy-to-use tools to solve the problem at hand. Whatever comes on the way of business, the company has an exact solution which is needed to stay in control and compliance, with full confidence and minimum effort.