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Bill Lyons, Chairman , Lyons HRBill Lyons, Chairman
As the government imposes more labor regulations, the burden on the employer to ensure compliance with the latest regulations has increased manifold. It is not just I-9 form violations that can land HR departments in regulatory hot water; rather it is also the non-compliance with employment laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. Workplace safety, regulated by OSHA, is another regulatory requirement that HR departments have to ensure. If these are not met, the company may face lower productivity, high employee turnover and increased lawsuits. HR compliance is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s business scenario. As a professional employer organization, Lyons HR understands this and provides robust services of intelligent audit, risk, and compliance management solutions to clients helping them increase their compliance and make a significant impact on their bottom line.

Lyons HR provides HR outsourcing services to small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. The company manages its client’s HR from professional recruitment to well-earned retirement. Lyons HR allows a business to focus on running the company, through conducting training, policy development, payroll and benefits management, tax administration, regulatory compliance assistance, and more. It also provides HR services, including HR consultations, audits, recommendations, policies, procedures, and forms; performance, management, and employee training; position descriptions; employee handbooks; state unemployment claims and representation; and labor law compliance assistance.
Through these services, clients can benefit from increased compliance with employment laws and regulations, reducing a business’ financial risks, and protecting their assets. The company helps clients comply with stringent regulations like the FLSA, OSHA, sexual harassment, and anti-discrimination laws are in force.

Furthermore, these services help clients to eliminate waste time, taken for administrative tasks like payroll processing, benefits administration, and other safety programs. Besides, services provided by Lyons HR also help in reducing employment expenses and provides better benefits at lower costs. With Lyons HR’s risk management services, clients can overcome challenges associated with workers’ compensation coverage or procurement while eliminating workers’ compensation audit and premium.

Founded in 1995 by Bill Lyons, the company has grown to five outsourcing offices and eight staffing offices. Lyons HR is accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC), a distinction earned by only about 5 percent of all PEOs. Besides, the company is also certified by the Internal Revenue Service, giving clients the highest security and assurances available in the employment industry. Lyons HR is in a mission to improve the lives of their clients, employees, and coworkers by implementing smarter HR, staffing, and workforce management services. The company helps its clients drive performance, control their HR and staffing costs. It also increases profitability and mitigates their employment liabilities through a more disciplined and strategic approach to workforce management.

Furthermore, Lyons HR also helps in professional placement services in different industries such as aerospace, aviation, automotive, logistics, construction, food and agriculture, and more. The company covers everything involved in managing compliance for clients offering exceptional results. Lyons HR helps clients drive performance, control HR and staffing costs, increase profitability, and mitigate employment liabilities through a more disciplined and strategic approach to workforce management. For small to mid-sized businesses who are trying to get their arms around compliance and other human management challenges, a professional employer organization (PEO) like Lyons HR, can be the perfect solution.
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Lyons HR

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Bill Lyons, Chairman

Lyons HR is a “Full Service” human resource company. We can handle one Human Resource service for you or serve as your comprehensive Human Resource Department. Our staff of professionals can help your business achieve bottom line results, freeing you to focus on the strategic issues that drive productivity, employee loyalty, and customer satisfaction.