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Dr. Kristin Kahle, CEO, NavigateHCRDr. Kristin Kahle, CEO
While completing her doctoral dissertation on Compliance Complexities that employers face under The Affordable Care Act (ACA), Dr. Kristin Kahle realized the importance of businesses staying abreast with the ever-changing legislation. She brought her 25+ years of experience in the employee benefits space into action and established NavigateHCR, with an aim to educate business executives about the intricacies of the ACA and other compliance regulations. Since then, NavigateHCR has been breaking down the complexities associated with compliance regulations through an HR platform, emerging as a full-service compliance consulting and technology company.

CEO of NavigateHCR, Dr. Kahle believes that digital transformation demands organizations across industries to process data and deliver results faster; the challenge here lies in managing employees’ information. “Employers must keep track of all employee activities during their service in the company,” she explains. Leveraging a proprietary platform called Universal Data, NavigateHCR pulls in data from payroll as well as employee benefits service providers and sends it to respective employers for their correspondence with employees. Reports are then provided to HR managers for analysis and action on employee benefits as well as to regulatory agencies and the IRS, as required.

When it comes to data transfer, NavigateHCR boasts of a smart and flexible way for clients to send or receive information via its Universal Data platform. “Contrary to the rigid data structures that clients need to submit before analysis, our Universal Data platform is capable of receiving data in its original form, analyzing, and merging all the information sets together within our system,” states Dr. Kahle.
Utilizing this information, the company efficiently communicates with the government and related vendors, thereby obtaining employee information from clients and sending it directly to the concerned government entities.

Our Universal Data platform is capable of receiving data in its original form, analyzing, and merging all the information sets together within our system

NavigateHCR follows a simple client assistance program, which begins with helping clients in extracting information based on their compliance requirements via a Universal Application. The Universal Application comprises a questionnaire with yes/ no queries, which helps NavigateHCR determine compliance needs. “Besides utilizing technology to help our clients stay compliant by all means, we also deploy a ‘Care Team,’ who undertake the responsibility of guiding the clients in the process of answering all the questions,” describes Dr. Kahle.

Recently, a restaurant holding company facing data and employee issues approached NavigateHCR. The client, with 16 Employer Identification Numbers (EINs), was struggling with the tracking of hours of employees who are exceeding the 30 weekly hours time frame at work. By consolidating all the EINs on a single dashboard, NavigateHCR assisted the client in reviewing employees’ activities along with their current location and producing real time reports. The client succeeded in assessing the cumulative working hours for each employee and scheduling shifts, while offering flexible leaves and other perks.

Now a partner of U.S. Employee Benefits Services Group (USEBSG), a division of U.S. Retirement & Benefits Partners (USRBP), NavigateHCR will focus on developing new products and offering compliance measures to its clients. “We also aim to continue educating professionals in the employee benefits industry about the dynamic compliance regulations,” concludes Dr. Kahle. U.S. Retirement & Benefits Partners is one of the nation’s largest independent employee benefits and retirement planning specialists, serving over 10,000 employer clients.
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San Diego, CA

Dr. Kristin Kahle, CEO

Based in San Diego, CA, is focused on Healthcare Reform (HCR) compliance and reporting solutions for your business. We believe navigating Healthcare Reform should be simple for employers. Utilizing our Compliance Communications (Compliance Direct®) and Monthly Monitoring services (HCR Tracker®), saves businesses valuable time and resources, otherwise spent attempting to keep up with HCR compliance.